Build & Scale Your Business Without Client Disputes & Legal Landmines

Legal peace of mind and drama-free business relationships are effortless with our contract + policy bundles.

No matter what industry you’re in, having a solid set of contracts + policies is key to building trust with your clients, managing expectations, setting boundaries, and signaling professionalism while protecting your profits and intellectual property.

What Makes Us Stand Out:

Crafted by a Seasoned Legal Pro

Our templates are meticulously drafted by a licensed, award-winning business attorney with 13+ years of robust legal experience, who also runs multiple successful online businesses. Our templates are the very same forms Liz confidently uses in her and her clients’ businesses.

Coaching + Q&A Calls, Office Hours, Pop-Up Workshops

Purchase any template and enjoy two months of unrestricted access to Legal Atelier: our monthly membership featuring regular office hours, complimentary pop-up workshops, and monthly Q&A calls designed to answer any questions you may have about customizing your templates. Upon expiration of your free access, you’ll have the option to continue your membership at a discounted rate.

Walk-Through Video Trainings

Every template comes with a video walk-through providing detailed instructions on how to customize the template, including various options for each clause to suit your specific needs. We’ll de-mystify the legal jargon, so you always know what you are agreeing to and how to modify it to fit your business.

Members-Only Discounts on DFY Services

We recognize that sometimes you need more than just a template. That’s why we offer our members exclusive savings of 20% on all personalized legal solutions – this includes consultations, document review, template customization, and even our VIP Intensives.


No-Cost Access to All Bundle Upgrades

With your membership, you don’t just receive access to our current offerings, but also all future bundle upgrades at no additional cost. As the legal landscape evolves, so do our contracts. We continually refine and expand our resources to stay ahead of the curve, and you automatically reap the benefits. 


We understand that cookie-cutter training might not fit every unique business situation that pops up. That’s why we’ve designed our service to have a human touch, not just on-demand trainings and automated responses.

When you invest in our legal templates, you’re not just buying documents — you’re also securing a lifeline to real-time, live support from a seasoned legal & business expert, including:

Monthly Coaching / Q+A: Stuck with a clause or can’t figure out a tweak? No worries! Come to our monthly interactive Q+A sessions where we address and clarify those one-of-a-kind situations that might leave you scratching your head.

Pop-Up Workshops: Always free for members (but not for everyone else), pop-up workshops dive deep into a single topic like how to write a winning chargeback response; options for pricing + refund policies; trademark due diligence; how to have copycat content removed from various websites/platforms; and other issues affecting online businesses & service providers.  

Quarterly Updates: Laws change, industries evolve – and so do our templates. Clients are invited to join our quarterly check-in calls, where we discuss the latest industry developments and an any contract updates we made to tackle new risks + changes in the law.

Unlike many “DIY legal shops” online, we won’t lie to you and claim that it’s possible to legally protect your entire biz in 20 minutes with zero effort. Ensuring that your contracts reflect your specific offers, your business model + your unique boundaries does take some time and effort. What we do promise is the best legal templates on the market, with unparalleled hands-on assistance to ensure that you implement them correctly.  


1) Purchase a Contract Template or Bundle. Because most of our Customization Q&As, Coaching Sessions, and Quarterly Updates relate to the templates available in the Contract Boutique, Legal Atelier is only open to those who have purchased a template or bundle from us. Once you make a purchase, you will be automatically enrolled into the membership and will receive email notifications with attendance links to all sessions.

2) Continue Your Membership Before Expiration of Your Free Access. Every template purchase comes with two months of free access to all Coaching Sessioins, Q&A and Workshops available to our members. While this is sufficient to complete and implement all initial customized drafts, many of our clients find ongoing access to the membership beneficial. Legal Atelier is the only online space where you can brainstorm with + get customized suggestions/feedback from the legal expert who not only drafted your contract templates, but also has a deep understanding of your business and industry.

If you would like to remain a member, use the link in your service expiration reminder email to sign up before the expiration of your two-month complimentary access.



Tailored for the savvy marketer and social media maven, our lawyer-crafted marketing + SMMA contract stack provides a robust shield for your agency. Secure your hustle and let your marketing magic shine without any legal glitches by snagging this unbeatable bundle today.


The Ultimate Website Legal Bundle contains all the essential contracts, policies, notices and disclosures that your website needs to protect your IP, avoid legal claims, and stay compliant with legal requirements and regulations. 


Don’t let legal dispute jeopardize your podcast profits. Let our lawyer-drafted contracts guard your creative genius and ensure that every collaboration is a breezy, no-drama affair — so you can amplify those voices without missing a beat.


As an MSP, you need more than just a bulletproof Client Contract (MSA). The MSP Legal Starter Pack is the most comprehensive, lawyer-drafted legal template pack available online, containing more than 12 essential documents for your IT service business.

Good Contracts & Policies Serve Your Clients As Much As Your Business.

Touches of professionalism demonstrate that you take your business and the relationship seriously.

Knowing they’re working with a seasoned professional provides clients with a sense of safety + security. It helps them enter the relationship with confidence and trust that they’re in good hands.

A good contract takes the risk out of working with you.

In a world of grifters, clients are looking for transparency, integrity, and the ability to hold you accountable. Having your promises in writing accomplishes exactly that, and provides clients assurance that working with you is a safe investment.

Clear terms & instructions help clients get the most out of your product/service –>

When clients understand what is required of them, it helps them keep projects on track and empowers them to use your product/program/service to its full potential, maximizing their results & satisfaction.


Are you a coach, course creator, digital product seller or someone who hosts live and virtual events? Enroll in this five-part training to ensure your business has the right legal foundations to accommodate big growth in 2023 and beyond – without working more, working harder and working longer.


Protect Your Content: Copyright Registration Workshop

This step-by-step workshop guides you through the process of registering your copyright in your digital products, creative works and other unique content with the US Copyright Office. If you’re a content creator or entrepreneur looking to secure your own intellectual property for a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm, this workshop is for you!

Own Your Brand: Trademark Registration Workshop

Secure ownership of your brand with this step-by-step walk-through of a USPTO trademark registration. If you’ve fallen in love with a name, logo or tagline for your business / product / service and are ready to lock it down (without paying $3K+ to a law firm for a single registration) register for this workshop today and use this training for as many trademarks as you need.

Startup Success: Business Formation Workshop

This training will walk you through the basics of forming an LLC, including 1) critical information you’ll need to have on hand, 2) discussions to have with potential partners, 3) where to file electronically in your state, and 4) how to secure your EIN for free in 10 minutes or less. Includes our Startup Success Workbook, LLC Post-Filing Checklist, Recordkeeping Binder and other bonuses.

Ensure Your Business Has the Right Legal Foundations to Accommodate Big Growth in 2024 & Beyond – without growing your client headaches + legal risks at the same rate as your revenues.

Product Highlight


Email + DM scripts for sticky situations

These fully customizable email and DM scripts make it simple and stress-free to stand by your non-negotiables, and take the appropriate steps if your boundaries are breached or overstepped. Whether it’s breaking up with a client, respectfully declining to work for free, or advising a copycat that they have three days to stop infringing on your intellectual property, simply fill in the blanks, make minor changes, and use them every time you need to swiftly end to a dispute or misunderstanding.

Hi! I’m Liz

Multi-award-winning business attorney, IP strategist, serial entrepreneur, lifelong nonconformist, CEO of Renegade Legal.

As a lawyer, I’m all about risk management and liability protection. As an entrepreneur, there are few things I’m more passionate about than freedom, ease, and the systems that can make it possible for any business to support a lifestyle where we have time for all the things that are important to us.

I created Renegade Legal to support entrepreneurs with contracts, policies and effective implementation systems designed with the goal of preventing lawsuits, scope creep, payment drama and other issues caused by mismanaged expectations and the lack of bulletproof documentation.

My clients are living proof that if you build an infrastructure that minimizes avoidable client/legal issues and frees up your focus & creativity to do what you love, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than your grand vision. And it is my mission to show every entrepreneur that protecting your profits, time and energy from avoidable legal disputes, so that you can focus on being the CEO (and scaling your enterprise to 7 figures and beyond), is easier than you think. All it requires is a few easy tweaks to your business backend and a solid set of documents implemented at the right stages of your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these contracts work in every state? Do I need my contract reviewed by a local attorney?

Once you finish customizing your templates, taking the final product to a local attorney for review is always highly recommended.

Templates are a cost-effective way to implement a legal stack that would normally cost you $10K+ if you hired a law firm, but they should not be considered a full substitute for custom 1:1 legal advice by an experienced corporate attorney familiar with your business.

It is also important to note that business laws are nearly identical everywhere – there are very few corporate laws that significantly differ from state to state. If your final drafts need any edits to comply with state law, there is a good chance they will be few and minor. Many of our clients report that when they run our documents by local counsel, the reviewing attorney changes very little, and in most cases, nothing at all.

Can I just buy one document at a time?

Some contracts are available as stand-alone templates, while others are only available as part of a bundle. If you would like a template that isn’t listed as an individual product, shoot us an email and we’ll prioritize getting that product set up!

Are electronic signatures valid?

Yes, as long as they comply with UETA and the ESIGN Act, electronic signatures are valid in all U.S. states and other industrialized countries, and carry the same legal weight as handwritten signatures. To ensure compliance, we include language in all of our agreements stating that the parties agree to proceed electronically. You just need to make sure to use one of the larger, more reputable e-sign companies like DocuSign, PandaDoc (our favorite), HelloSign, or one of the many others who are compliant with all e-signature laws!

Does my purchase make Liz my attorney? Do I get personalized legal advice with my purchase?

While these templates were drafted by an attorney, purchasing any templates from us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Questions and concerns about the templates will be answered in open office hours and Q&A sessions; however, this will be limited to general information about the documents, how to use them, what the different clauses mean, and some general options when it comes to customization.

In compliance with the strict ethical and professional rules that apply to all attorneys, Liz will not be rendering 1:1 legal services in Q&A calls such as customizing full clauses for you. No specific legal advice custom-tailored to any particular business circumstance will be given unless her firm is separately engaged for this purpose in a formal retainer agreement.

For hiring inquiries, please send an email to liz@corvinuslaw.com 

Customizing so many forms sounds like too much work.

While we strive to make the process as easy as possible by including video trainings and regular Q&A calls to answer any questions you may have, the reality is that yes, at this price point, you’ll still have to do some work. It will require some effort, but not as much as going to court… or losing the rights to the intellectual property you created … or being found liable for $1M+ in damages because you didn’t have an agreement in place managing and properly allocating the very real risks of doing business.

If you don’t believe that you can make the time to customize your documents, we recommend hiring an attorney to create a legal package for your business.

How much money can I save with these templates?

Starting your drafting process with our templates will most definitely save you a lot of money. As we all know, lawyers are expensive. Lawyers who serve niche industries are even more expensive than your average business attorney.

For context, having a package that includes everything in our template bundles custom-drafted for you by an attorney familiar with the legal and business needs of the industry can easily cost you over $10K.

And that $10K will not include any Q+A calls, templatized forms that you can use over and over, or any recorded video trainings that you can re-visit any time you need to change something or answer a question for someone asking you about the meaning of a term (rather than having to schedule a paid consult with an attorney every time you need a refresher or minor edit).

Not to mention the beautiful, brandable, client-friendly designs, which is also not included in the “ugly monotonous black-and-white wall of text” style agreements that you’ll get from a typical business law firm.

For most businesses, the alternatives to paying a month’s salary for a custom legal package are either:

a) not having a contract at all (I’ll spare you the horror stories and leave it at “not recommended”);

b) “borrowing” a form from a colleague without knowing where it came from, or downloading something that “looks legal enough” from the internet (only to find out after SHTF that it was actually filled with clauses that ensure that you lose every argument and pay out the maximum amount possible); or

c) hiring your friendly neighborhood general business attorney who’s a great guy, but has no idea what your industry is about and the unique legal risks that need to be addressed up-front in your contracts.

Our bundles and standalone forms were created to serve as an additional option for business owners to have as much protection as possible until the budget permits hiring an experienced law firm for a fully custom legal package.


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Please note that while these templates were drafted by an attorney, purchasing any templates from Renegade Legal / The Contract Boutique does not make Liz your attorney. There is no attorney-client relationship until a retainer agreement is mutually executed and any fees due up front are paid in full.