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Snag the Ultimate E-mail + DM Script Bundle to help you set, maintain & enforce boundaries with clients, team members, competitors and business partners

Helping you handle the uncomfortable situations with confidence

Because sometimes we could all use a little help coming up with the perfect responses to not-so-perfect situations.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer every time you need to enforce your rights and boundaries … nor do you want to spend hours figuring out what to say and how to say it in a way that resolves the dispute quickly, and in your favor.

The good news is, now you don’t have to.

Our ultimate lawyer-drafted & entrepreneur-approved email and DM template bundle was created specifically to help you handle the most common and frustrating disputes faced by coaches and course creators every day. They can be customized and plugged into your SOPs in minutes, so you always have the right words to effortlessly enforce important boundaries when it comes to:


  • your energy and the types of clients you work with – such as limiting exposure to negative or toxic people and situations, establishing and sticking to your priorities, saying “no” to tasks and clients that don’t align with your values
  • your time and availability – including setting work hours that work for you, limiting the times you are available to meet with clients or answer calls/emails, sticking to your preferred communications methods
  • your services – i.e. sticking to doing what you promised, exactly as promised, at the prices you promised – and charging extra for out-of-scope requests)
  • getting paid – on time, every time. period.
  • what behaviors you will and will not tolerate – because we don’t need to put up with disrespect, deception, willful ignorance and abuse
  • expectations from the relationship – most importantly, holding all parties to the promises they made as a basis for entering into the relationship in the first place
  • and much more.

We believe that setting and upholding boundaries is a non-negotiable if you want to create a successful and fulfilling business that aligns with your values and supports you living your best life. Our e-mail and DM scripts help you do this by removing the stress and reactivity from some of the most frustrating situations coaches and course creators encounter daily, including:



  • A client demands a refund because they “don’t like your work”, even though you’ve done exactly what you agreed to do (and probably went above and beyond)
  • A client wants their money back because they blame you for their lack of results, even though you never promised that they will achieve a specific result
  • A prospective client wants a discount / wants you to work for “exposure” / wants to “pick your brain” over a “quick question” / questions why you charge for consults (“no” is a complete sentence, but we’ve included a set of more diplomatic ways to say “I don’t work for free”)
  • A client initiates a chargeback for work you already did, or a course they completed… but only after you delivered the full service / they watched all the videos and downloaded all materials
  • A client is upset because you are “absent and unavailable”, i.e. you didn’t respond to the 113 Facebook messages they sent over the weekend or during the holidays / vacation times they were advised of up front
  • A client is a repeated no-show to your Zoom meetings and expects you to “reschedule” (but we respect ourselves too much to sacrifice hours of our precious time sitting in our office waiting for clients who never show up)
  • A client ghosts you for 18 months and wants to “finish their coaching sessions” (that expired last year)
  • A client thinks they can stop paying the monthly installments of their payment plan if they stop showing up to sessions / are no longer accessing your course
  • You need to let a client know that the work they asked you to do is outside of the scope of their contract and will incur an extra charge – even if you performed the same service previously as a one-time courtesy
  • You need to diplomatically tell a client that their impatience or lack of planning is not your emergency
  • You need to kick a client out of your coaching / Facebook / other group due to disruptive behavior
  • You need to let the client know that their contract is expiring so they need to renew to continue working with you – and also your rates went up
  • You resolved a dispute with a client and need to document it


  • A team member’s performance is far below what you require – and you’re losing time and money because others have to fix their work / pick up the slack
  • A contractor keeps missing deadlines or consistently takes much longer than the promised turnaround times, causing you to constantly have to apologize to clients
  • You suspect that a team member wants to work for a client or competitor – and you want to ensure they don’t share your business plan, confidential info, trade secrets and proprietary IP with your arch nemesis
  • A Team member violated a term of their contract, but you want to give them a chance to improve before letting them go
  • You want to fire a team member for underperformance, violating a hard boundary, or for engaging in unacceptable behavior despite multiple warnings
  • You want to change a team member’s responsibilities
  • You resolved a dispute with a team member and need to document it


  • You paid a lot of money for a course, mastermind, retreat or coaching program that failed to deliver any of the promises made on the sales page – so you want your money back.
  • A coach or mentor incorporated your ideas, framework and the work you shared into their newest product or service
  • You did not receive specific materials / services / bonuses promised with a high-ticket program, course, retreat or mastermind
  • You got kicked out of a group for (respectfully) sharing your opinion
  • You resolved a dispute and need to document it


  • A competitor stole your content (website copy, program framework and content, marketing and email campaigns, original graphics and visuals, etc)
  • A competitor is copying your brand (business or program name, logo, website)
  • A competitor launched a public smear campaign against you


  • You’ve been asked to be a speaker at a retreat / mastermind / live event – and you want to ask them to pay your speaker fee
  • You’ve been asked to contribute a class / module to a course or coaching program – and you need to start discussions on payments, because you no longer work for exposure
  • Your JV partner is consistently unavailable / months late with their assigned tasks – while you have and are consistently doing your part of the work
  • Your collaborator did their task but it’s significantly different from what was agreed upon / subpar quality, far below what you expected
  • Your partner unilaterally made an important decision that they were supposed to run by you first
  • Your partner breached their contract
  • You did not receive your promised percentage of the profits, or your payment is over 30 days past-due
  • You want to fire a contractor / terminate a JV or partnership

The Bulletproof Business Boundaries bundle includes templates for all of the above situations, along with many more ready-to-use scripts to help you enforce important boundaries around your energy, time and availability, getting paid, the type of clients you work with, and what behaviors you will and will not tolerate – so you can forget the petty drama and focus on the things that actually deserve your energy.

Ready to navigate uncomfortable situations like a pro?

These fully customizable email and DM scripts make it simple and stress-free to stand by your non-negotiables, and take the appropriate steps if your boundaries are breached or overstepped. Simply fill in the blanks, make minor changes, add your own voice, and use them every time you need to quickly and efficiently put an end to a dispute or clear up a misunderstanding.

Having pre-written responses helps you address disputes professionally, without your emotions getting the best of you – and incorporating them into your SOPs for your team to use every time there is a conflict makes it easy to handle problems quickly (before they have a chance to get out of hand and grow into a much bigger issue), consistently, and in an automated way.


If you don’t want to scale your problems at the same rate you scale your revenues, you must have a quick, efficient and systemic way to deal with sticky situations, so you’re not wasting countless hours trying to find the right way – and the right words – to deal with disputes. Not having the appropriate systems and SOPs in place leads to being reactive, and can lead to unnecessary arguments that drain your focus and energy, cost you money and opportunities, and damage your reputation if not handled with firmness and finesse.

It’s time to make your personal and professional wellbeing a non-negotiable part of your work, and equip yourself with the tools to once and forever put an end to others manipulating you, stealing from you, breaking their promises, costing you money and clients, and taking advantage of you.

Let us help you take the frustration out of the confrontations and uncomfortable conversations, and make it easy to protect your energy and peace. Because you deserve a thriving business where you have the freedom and space to create, play and operate in your highest frequency – and from this place, serve your clients in the most impactful way.

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incredible included bonuses!

To make your life even easier when it comes to navigating the uncomfortable, we’ve included some awesome bonus scripts, including:

Damage Control

Because sometimes WE are the problem – use these scripts to help tell your clients you’ve messed up and that you’re owning the mistake and taking all necessary steps to make it right.

DMCA Takedown Notice

When you sent a cease and desist to a copycat and they’re still using/selling you work, use this template to contact their host / ISP and demand that they take down the content to avoid legal liability.

Chargeback Response Letter

Use this script to make your case to a credit card company or payment processor in a clear, concise and convincing way. (We use this template to win all of our chargeback disputes)

Super Bonus


Because having a communications policy outlining your availability, response times, acceptable contact methods and what types of conduct you will absolutely not tolerate, is one of the most important ways to protect your peace and sanity. 

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