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Build & Scale Your Agency Without Client Disputes & Legal Drama 

All the essential contracts + policies you need to set clear boundaries, protect your profits, limit your legal liability and safeguard your intellectual property – at a fraction of the price of hiring an attorney.

Whether you’re a marketer or social media manager, agency or freelancer, having a solid set of contracts + policies is key to building trust with your clients, managing expectations, setting boundaries, and signaling professionalism while protecting your profits and intellectual property.

If you’re a marketer or own a social media management agency, chances are you’ve been through some of these common scenarios:


A client ghosts you for eight months and then re-appears only to demand a refund.


You have to send repeated requests to clients for the content / access / documents / information / creatives you need to do your job … yet somehow you’re always the one being blamed for delays.


You are constantly being asked to perform tasks that are clearly outside the scope of what you agreed to do.


Your client shares your secret sauce with the world – or equally annoying, decides to clone your entire business model and set up their own “agency” – and there is nothing you can do about it because there was no confidentiality or non-compete agreement in place.


You’re stuck in a non-compete agreement because you signed a contract without understanding what it said, and now you’re going to lose out on six figures in revenues over the duration of the non-compete.


You get sued for copyright or trademark infringement because your client gave you stolen IP to work with, and find out the hard way that without a good contract with solid indemnity provisions, you have little to no practical recourse.


You keep losing time and money chasing down clients who “forgot that a payment was due.”


You lost a chargeback dispute to a client who “didn’t like” your work, even though it was top quality and you did everything they asked.


You’ve been threatened with a lawsuit (or have been sued) by a client who is blaming your services for their lack of success – then they went on a full social media smear campaign against you and your brand, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.


Your phone is blowing up with work emails from clients who expect you to respond on weekends, holidays and all hours of the night.


You lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of creative business assets when you accidentally assigned all ownership of the content you created for a client – and now they’re threatening to sue if you ever use any part of it in any campaign for any of your future clients.


You have a toxic client who singlehandedly causes 99% of all your work-related stresses, and you can’t get rid of them because your termination clause (from that random contract you found on the Internet) actually works against you.

Does any of the above sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Aside from actual lawsuits, these are just a few of the most common headaches felt by business owners who operate without a high-quality Client Agreement.

Quality clients expect professional agreements. Here’s why:

1) Touches of professionalism demonstrate that you take your business and the relationship seriously. This provides clients with a sense of safety and security. It also signals that you are serious about enforcing your rights, which leads to increased compliance and fewer unnecessary arguments.

2) A good contract serves your clients as much as it protects your business. It helps them hold you accountable for the promises made, while clearly outlining what their responsibilities are to keep projects on track and get the most out of your services – things like providing you with what you need to do your job; implementing required action steps; etc.


The Terms & Conversions Bundle contains all the essential contracts + policies Marketers and Social Media Management Agencies need to protect their profits, peace, boundaries, & intellectual property – without having to get lawyers involved.

What’s Included:

Marketing + smma client agreement

For most service-based businesses, including Social Media, Sales and Marketing Professionals / Agencies, a solid Client Agreement serves as the backbone and foundation of all client relationships – and as such, is often THE most important document of the business.

Your Client Agreement supports and protects both parties by ensuring that everyone is on the same page as to all aspects of the relationship, and that you have the ability to resolve any disagreements that may arise without destroying the relationship, or worse, ending up in an expensive legal battle. Key provisions include:

  • well-defined scope, i.e. what you will (and will not) do for your client;
  • client obligations + responsibilities (hint: it’s more than just paying you money – you need cooperation, documents and info required to do your job, access to accounts, and more)
  • CYA clauses limiting and allocating specific risks + liabilities in a way that works for your business
  • detailed payment terms on how and when you get paid
  • how you handle requests for refunds & cancellations
  • terms relating to delivery of work product, client approval & revision requests
  • bulletproof intellectual property provisions leaving no ambiguity around how your IP can and cannot be used. 


We all know the value of testimonials, endorsements, reviews and other social proof in marketing. What isn’t common knowledge is that using testimonials on landing pages, ads and social media can create legal conflicts and liabilities, if not done correctly. This is why established agencies always use Testimonial Release Agreements to secure explicit permission from the individual to use their review in any manner, any platform and any geographical location. 

Key Provisions include:

Authorization for Use: This clause ensures you have the legal right to use, reproduce, publish, or broadcast the testimonial in any media platform for promotional purposes.

Waiver of Approval: By including this clause, the reviewer waives any rights to inspect or approve the final ad, landing page, post, or other promotional asset where their testimonial appears.

Release of Claims: This clause ensures that the reviewer waives the right to bring any claim against you for using their testimonial – including privacy and publicity claims, compensation and defamation.

Incorporating this form into your SOPs for obtaining and using testimonials will help protect your (and your clients’) business while demonstrating professionalism and care with your clients.


    Your Independent Contractor Agreement formalizes the relationship between your business and an independent contractor. Unlike employees, contractors typically operate as their own business entities, providing specialized services or completing specific tasks or projects. This agreement sets clear boundaries, expectations, and protections for both parties.

    Key clauses within this agreement often include:

    • Scope of Work: Defines the specific tasks, responsibilities, and deliverables the contractor is hired to perform, often detailing the timeline, standards, and goals associated with the project.
    • Compensation and Payment: Outlines the agreed-upon compensation for the contractor’s services, including payment schedules, invoicing procedures, and any reimbursable expenses.
    • Intellectual Property: Addresses the ownership and use rights of any intellectual property created or utilized during the engagement.
    • Indemnification: Details the responsibilities of each party to defend or compensate the other for legal claims or damages that may arise out of the contracted work.
    • Independent Contractor Status: Clearly states that the contractor is not an employee of the business, and outlines the implications of this status with regard to taxes, benefits, and legal liabilities.

      This agreement is a critical tool for businesses looking to engage external professionals to safeguard their interests while creating a transparent and mutually beneficial working relationship. By spelling out the terms and conditions of the engagement, this agreement helps ensure clarity, compliance, and confidence throughout the collaboration.


      Virtual assistants are often the first hire of an online business. This VA Agreement is designed to facilitate a harmonious and positive business relationship by ensuring that expectations are properly set, scope and payment terms are clearly defined, and both parties are protected.

      Key provisions include:

      • Scope of Services: A clear listing of the specific services the VA will provide, ensuring clarity on tasks, expected availability, and other essential job aspects.
      • Payment Terms: Breaks down the VA’s compensation, including rates (hourly or project-based), invoicing frequency, payment due dates and more.
      • Confidentiality: This section ensures that sensitive business information accessed by the VA is kept in the strictest confidence.
      • IP/Work Product Ownership: Clarifies who owns the rights to deliverables produced during the VA’s tenure.
      • Termination: Outlines the terms under which either party can end the contract, and any associated notice periods, conditions, and duties upon termination.

      This VA Agreement is an indispensable resource for any business collaborating with a VA. 



        With our all-encompassing Website Legal Bundle, gain the reassurance that your website is compliant with legal requirements, your intellectual property is protected, and you’re not exposed to legal claims from visitors. Here’s what’s included:

        Terms of Use: Lay down the rules and guidelines for visitors to your website. From copyright protection to conduct guidelines, our comprehensive terms of use safeguard your site from misuse and other legal complications.

        Privacy Policy: Designed in compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, this policy will help you comply with mandatory regulations and establish trust and transparency with your visitors around how your website collects, uses, stores, and protects user data.

        Affiliate Disclosures: If you have affiliate partnerships, clear and precise disclosure about your earnings and endorsements is required by law. This document ensures that you do it right so you won’t have to deal with the FTC or customers claiming that you aren’t transparent about the products mentioned on your site.

        Disclaimers: Disclaimers act as your safety net, limiting your liability and clarifying that readers/visitors are responsible for their own life choices and business decisions – including how they use the information provided on your website.



        Protecting sensitive information and preserving valuable relationships are essential to running a successful business. Our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Non-Solicitation Agreement offers just the safeguard you need.

        Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Keep your trade secrets, proprietary knowledge, and confidential business information safe from disclosure (and use by competitors).

        Non-Solicitation Agreement: This agreement helps you safeguard your valuable business relationships by preventing employees, contractors, clients, or other parties from poaching your staff, clients or important partnerships during and after their engagement with your company.



        This Contract Amendment and Renewal Forms bundle is designed to help you navigate changes with minimum effort and maximum confidence.

        Contract Amendment Form: As businesses grow and evolve, contracts should too. Whether it’s a change in scope, timelines, or any other key terms, our contract amendment form helps you modify your existing agreements without having to start from scratch. With clear instructions and simple language, they’re designed to make the process of updating your contracts as straightforward as possible.

        Contract Renewal Form: When a successful business relationship is coming to the end of its contractual term, this contract renewal form makes extending your agreements a breeze. With carefully structured clauses and an easy-to-use format, this form ensures a smooth transition from one contract term to the next.

        Super Bonus

        Bulletproof Business Boundaries

        These fully customizable email and DM scripts make it simple and stress-free to stand by your non-negotiables, and take the appropriate steps if your boundaries are breached or overstepped. Simply fill in the blanks, make minor changes, add your own voice, and use them every time you need to quickly and efficiently put an end to a dispute or clear up a misunderstanding.

        ADDITIONAL BONUS:  30% DISCOUNT on any custom (DFY) contracts not included in this package. You can choose from: Coaching and Consulting Agreements, Online Course Terms of Purchase, Membership Site Terms & Condition, Live Event / Retreat / Mastermind Agreement, IP Licensing Agreements, Podcasting Agreements, or any other agreement relating to your business.


        Marketing / SMMA Client Agreement: $2,000. -$3,500

        Testimonial Release: $750

        Independent Contractor Agreement: $2,000-$3,500

        Website Legal Agreements: $2,500 – $3,500

        NDA & Non-Solicitation Agreement: $1,000

        VA Agreement: $2,000

        Contract Amendment + Renewal Forms: $1,500

        Hold-Your-Hand Walkthrough Video Trainings: $2,500

        Access to Monthly Q&A Call with Liz: $4,000

        Boundary Setting E-mail and DM Script Bundle: $2,500

        Lifetime Access to All Resources, Updates, and Additional Documents / Trainings Added: $10,000

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Does this work in every state? Do I need my contract reviewed by a local attorney?

        Once you finish customizing your templates, taking the final product to a local attorney for review is always highly recommended.

        Templates are a cost-effective way to implement a legal stack that would normally cost you $10K+ if you hired a law firm, but they should not be considered a full substitute for custom 1:1 legal advice by an experienced corporate attorney familiar with your business.

        It is also important to note that there are very few laws that significantly differ from state to state. If you need any edits to comply with state law, there is a good chance they will be few and minor. Many of our clients report that when they run our documents by local counsel, the reviewing attorney changes very little, and in most cases, nothing at all.

        Can I just buy one document at a time?

        We do not have a separate product page for the individual templates in the Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle just yet, but shoot us an email and we’ll get you set up!

        Are electronic signatures valid?

        Yes, as long as they comply with UETA and the ESIGN Act, electronic signatures are valid in all U.S. states and other industrialized countries, and carry the same legal weight as handwritten signatures. To ensure compliance, make sure to include language in your agreement stating that the parties agree to proceed electronically, and use one of the larger, more reputable e-sign companies like DocuSign, PandaDoc (our favorite), HelloSign, or one of the many others!

        Does my purchase make Liz my attorney? Do I get personalized legal advice with my purchase?

        While these templates were drafted by an attorney, purchasing any templates from us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Questions and concerns about the templates will be answered in open office hours and Q&A sessions; however, this will be limited to general information about the documents, how to use them, what the different clauses mean, and some general options when it comes to customization.

        In compliance with the strict ethical and professional rules that apply to all attorneys, Liz will not be customizing clauses for you and no specific legal advice custom-tailored to any particular business circumstance will be given unless her firm is separately engaged for this purpose in a formal retainer agreement.

        Customizing so many forms sounds like too much work.

        While we strive to make the process as easy as possible by including video trainings and regular Q&A calls to answer any questions you may have, the reality is that yes, at this price point, you’ll still have to do some work. It sucks, but so does going to court… and losing the rights to the intellectual property you created … or being found liable for $1M+ in damages because you didn’t have an agreement in place managing and properly allocating the very real risks of doing business. If you don’t believe that you can make the time to customize your documents, we recommend hiring an attorney to create a legal package for your business.

        How much money can I save with these templates?

        Starting your drafting process with our templates will most definitely save you a lot of money. As we all know, lawyers are expensive. Lawyers who serve niche industries are even more expensive than your average business attorney.

        For context, having a package that includes everything in the Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle custom-drafted for you by an attorney familiar with the legal and business needs of MSPs can easily cost you over $10K.

        And that $10K will not include any Q+A calls, templatized forms, or any recorded video trainings that you can re-visit any time you need to change something or answer a question for someone asking you about the meaning of a term (rather than having to schedule a paid consult with an attorney every time you need a refresher or minor edit). Not to mention the beautiful, brandable, client-friendly design, which is also not included in the “ugly wall of text” style agreements that you’ll get from a typical business law firm.

        For most Podcasters, the alternatives to paying a month’s salary for a custom legal package are either:

        a) not having a contract at all (best of luck with that);

        b) “borrowing” a form from a colleague without knowing where it came from, or downloading something that “looks legal enough” from the internet (only to find out after SHTF that it was actually filled with clauses that throw you under the bus and ensure that you lose every argument and pay out the maximum amount possible); or

        c) hiring your friendly neighborhood general business attorney who’s a great guy, but has no idea what Podcasters do besides talk to each other, or the very specific intellectual property issues that need to be addressed in the document.

        The Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle was created to serve as an additional option for Podcasters to have as much protection as possible until the budget permits hiring an experienced law firm for a fully custom legal package.


        Hi! I’m Liz

        Multi-award-winning business attorney, IP strategist, serial entrepreneur, lifelong nonconformist, CEO of Renegade Legal.

        As a lawyer, I’m all about risk management and liability protection. As an entrepreneur, there are few things I’m more passionate about than freedom, ease, and the systems that can make it possible for any business to support a lifestyle where we have time for all the things that are important to us.

        I created Renegade Legal to support entrepreneurs with contracts, policies and effective implementation systems designed with the goal of preventing lawsuits, scope creep, payment disputes and other issues caused by mismanaged expectations and the lack of quality documentation.

        My clients are living proof that if you build an infrastructure that minimizes avoidable client/legal drama and frees up your focus and creativity to do what you love, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than your grand vision. And it is my mission to show every entrepreneur that protecting your profits, time and energy from avoidable legal issues, so that you can focus on being the CEO (and scaling your enterprise to 7 figures and beyond), is easier than you think. All it requires is a few easy tweaks to your business backend and a solid set of documents implemented at the right stages of your workflow.

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