Attention Podcasters and Producers

As a podcaster, your contracts and releases are the most important documents in your business


All the essential legal documents and training that you need to get started, at a fraction of the price of hiring a law firm.

With intellectual property worth millions,  you can’t afford not to implement a basic set of legal documents to protect your important IP assets.


Not only does a well-written set of agreements help you reduce legal disputes by keeping guests and contractors happy, it also serves the purpose of protecting your most valuable assets: your Intellectual Property – allowing you to increase profitability while protecting yourself from the legal liabilities that can result from a dispute.

Don’t let legal landmines jeopardize your podcast profits.

With the Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle, you can quit sweating the legal stuff and start focusing on what you do best – creating magic for your listeners. Let our lawyer-drafted contracts guard your creative genius, secure your hustle, and ensure that every collaboration is a breezy, no-drama affair –  so you can amplify those voices without missing a beat.


The Podcasters’ Ultimate Legal Bundle helps you control scope, manage expectations, enforce your boundaries and protect your intellectual property in a mostly automated way.

Here is What’s Included:


The Podcast Production Agreement is essential for podcast owners seeking to outsource production services to a podcast production company. It ensures that expectations are aligned and projects stay on track. Some of the key provisions include:

Scope of Work: outlining the responsibilities of the producer, from pre-production tasks such as securing guests and creating scripts, to post-production roles such as editing and distribution.

Compensation: specifying the payment structure, terms, deadlines and what happens in the event of non-payment.

Intellectual Property: spelling out the ownership rights to the content created, as well as permissions and obligations regarding the use and distribution of the content.

Insurance and Indemnification: Details the insurance coverage the producer needs to maintain and the protocol for handling any legal claims that arise in relation to the podcast.



    The Podcast Host Agreement is a legally binding contract between a podcast producer (or the company behind the podcast) and the host(s) of the podcast. This agreement outlines the terms of the working relationship, defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved, and helps prevent potential disputes.

    Key clauses include:

    Services and Performance: outlining the host’s responsibilities regarding episode preparation, recording schedules, promotional efforts, and possible guest interactions.

    Compensation: defining when and how the host will be compensated.

    Intellectual Property Assignment: granting the producer or company the rights to the content produced.

    Right of Publicity: granting the producer the right to use the host’s name, likeness, and other personal attributes for promotional and other purposes related to the podcast.

    And much more…


    A Podcast Guest Consent & Release is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions under which a guest appears on a podcast. This agreement serves to protect the rights of both the podcast producer and the guest, mitigates potential legal risks, and clarifies the terms of the guest’s participation.

    Some of the key issues the release covers are content rights (typically granting the producer the right to use the content freely without worrying about infringement claims); and publicity rights (giving the producer permission to use the guest’s name, voice, likeness, and other personal elements) among other essential legal protections.



    A Podcast Contributor Agreement is a contract that outlines the working relationship between the podcast producer and external individuals or entities (often independent contractors) who contribute to the podcast in various ways, such as editing, marketing, graphic design, or music composition. This agreement clarifies the terms of the relationship, defines each party’s responsibilities, and helps prevent misunderstandings or legal disputes.

    Key clauses include:

    Services Provided: This clause outlines the specific tasks and responsibilities the contributor will perform for the podcast. It’s essential to be as detailed as possible to ensure all parties understand what is expected.

    Compensation: This section details how and when the contractor will be paid for their services, whether it’s a flat rate, hourly wage, or per-project fee.

    Intellectual Property Rights: This clause typically states that all work created by the contractor as part of their services becomes the property of the podcast producer.

    Termination: This section outlines under what conditions the contract can be terminated, either by the contractor or the producer, and what happens upon termination (e.g., final payments, return of materials).


    The Podcast Collaboration Agreement is a legal contract that defines the relationship between two or more individuals who collaborate to create and manage a podcast. This agreement delineates the roles, responsibilities, and rights of each partner, the division of profits and expenses, and provides a roadmap for resolving disputes or handling the dissolution of the partnership.

    Key clauses and their purposes include:

    Roles and Responsibilities of the parties.

    Profit Sharing among the partners.

    Decision-Making and Dispute Resolution.

    Intellectual Property Rights, including ownership of content, trademarks and other materials associated with the podcast.

    Contributions of the parties, including capital, services, or other resources.

    Dissolution or Exit Strategy including asset division and buyout options.


      The Podcast Sponsorship Agreement is a contract between a podcast producer (or host) and a sponsor, where the sponsor pays to advertise their products or services during podcast episodes. This agreement specifies the nature of the sponsorship, the obligations of both parties, the payment terms, and other relevant details to ensure a successful partnership.

      Key provisions include:

      Scope and Compensation: These sections define what the sponsorship includes (such as mentions, dedicated segments, and other advertisement) and the payment terms.

      Term and Termination. Outlining how the contract can be terminated and what the parties’ duties are upon termination.

      Approval and Revisions: To ensure that all sponsored content is appropriate and aligns with the podcast’s tone and audience.

      Intellectual Property Rights: Clarifying how the content and the sponsor’s branding can be used in the context of the podcast.



      This all-inclusive Website Legal Bundle is designed to help you comply with mandatory legal requirements, protect your intellectual property, and shield you from legal claims by visitors. Here’s what’s included:

      Terms of Use: Lay down the rules and guidelines for visitors to your website. From copyright protection to conduct guidelines, our comprehensive terms of use safeguard your site from misuse and other legal complications.

      Privacy Policy: Designed in compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, this policy will help you comply with mandatory regulations and establish trust and transparency with your visitors around how your website collects, uses, stores, and protects user data.

      Affiliate Disclosures: If you have affiliate partnerships, clear and precise disclosure about your earnings and endorsements is required by law. This document ensures that you do it right so you won’t have to deal with the FTC or customers claiming that you aren’t transparent about the products mentioned on your site.

      Disclaimers: Disclaimers act as your safety net, limiting your liability and clarifying that readers are responsible for their own life choices and business decisions – including how they use the information provided on your website.


      Protecting sensitive information and preserving valuable relationships are essential to running a successful business. Our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Non-Solicitation Agreement offers just the safeguard you need.

      Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Keep your trade secrets, proprietary knowledge, and confidential business information safe from disclosure (and use by competitors).

      Non-Solicitation Agreement: This agreement helps you safeguard your valuable business relationships by preventing employees, contractors, clients, or other parties from poaching your staff, clients or important partnerships during and after their engagement with your company.



      This Contract Amendment and Renewal Forms bundle is is designed to help you navigate changes with minimum effort and maximum confidence.

      Contract Amendment Forms: As businesses grow and evolve, contracts should too. Whether it’s a change in scope, timelines, or any other key terms, our contract amendment form helps you modify your existing agreements without having to start from scratch. With clear instructions and simple language, they’re designed to make the process of updating your contracts as straightforward as possible.

      Contract Renewal Form: When a successful business relationship is coming to the end of its contractual term, continuity is often desired. Our contract renewal form makes extending your agreements a breeze. With carefully structured clauses and an easy-to-use format, these forms ensure a smooth transition from one contract term to the next.

      ADDITIONAL BONUS:  30% DISCOUNT on any custom (DFY) podcast-related contract not included in this package. You can choose from: Podcast Editor Agreement; Audio Engineer Contract; Audio Clip License Agreement; Voice Over/Narration Agreement; Podcast Composer Agreement; Podcast Videographer Agreement; or any other agreement relating to the production, marketing or licensing of your Podcast.


      Podcast Host & Co-Host Agreements: $3,500-$5,000

      Podcast Guest Agreement + Release: $1,500

      Podcast Sponsorship Agreement: $2,000-$3,500

      Podcast Collaboration Agreement: $3,500

      Website Legal Agreements: $2,500 – $3,500

      NDA & Non-Solicitation Agreement: $1,000

      Contract Amendment + Renewal Forms: $1,500

      Hold-Your-Hand Walkthrough Video Trainings: $2,500

      Access to Monthly Q&A Call with Liz: $4,000

      Podcast Contributor Agreement: $1,750

      Lifetime Access to All Resources, Updates, and Additional Documents / Trainings Added: $10,000

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Does this work in every state? Do I need my contract reviewed by a local attorney?

      Once you finish customizing your templates, taking the final product to a local attorney for review is always highly recommended.

      Templates are a cost-effective way to implement a legal stack that would normally cost you $10K+ if you hired a law firm, but they should not be considered a full substitute for custom 1:1 legal advice by an experienced corporate attorney familiar with your business.

      It is also important to note that there are very few laws that significantly differ from state to state. If you need any edits to comply with state law, there is a good chance they will be few and minor. Many of our clients report that when they run our documents by local counsel, the reviewing attorney changes very little, and in most cases, nothing at all.

      Can I just buy one document at a time?

      We do not have a separate product page for the individual templates in the Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle just yet, but shoot us an email and we’ll get you set up!

      Are electronic signatures valid?

      Yes, as long as they comply with UETA and the ESIGN Act, electronic signatures are valid in all U.S. states and other industrialized countries, and carry the same legal weight as handwritten signatures. To ensure compliance, make sure to include language in your agreement stating that the parties agree to proceed electronically, and use one of the larger, more reputable e-sign companies like DocuSign, PandaDoc (our favorite), HelloSign, or one of the many others!

      Does my purchase make Liz my attorney? Do I get personalized legal advice with my purchase?

      While these templates were drafted by an attorney, purchasing any templates from us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Questions and concerns about the templates will be answered in open office hours and Q&A sessions; however, this will be limited to general information about the documents, how to use them, what the different clauses mean, and some general options when it comes to customization.

      In compliance with the strict ethical and professional rules that apply to all attorneys, Liz will not be customizing clauses for you and no specific legal advice custom-tailored to any particular business circumstance will be given unless her firm is separately engaged for this purpose in a formal retainer agreement.

      Customizing so many forms sounds like too much work.

      While we strive to make the process as easy as possible by including video trainings and regular Q&A calls to answer any questions you may have, the reality is that yes, at this price point, you’ll still have to do some work. It sucks, but so does going to court… and losing the rights to the intellectual property you created … or being found liable for $1M+ in damages because you didn’t have an agreement in place managing and properly allocating the very real risks of doing business. If you don’t believe that you can make the time to customize your documents, we recommend hiring an attorney to create a legal package for your business.

      How much money can I save with these templates?

      Starting your drafting process with our templates will most definitely save you a lot of money. As we all know, lawyers are expensive. Lawyers who serve niche industries are even more expensive than your average business attorney.

      For context, having a package that includes everything in the Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle custom-drafted for you by an attorney familiar with the legal and business needs of MSPs can easily cost you over $10K.

      And that $10K will not include any Q+A calls, templatized forms, or any recorded video trainings that you can re-visit any time you need to change something or answer a question for someone asking you about the meaning of a term (rather than having to schedule a paid consult with an attorney every time you need a refresher or minor edit). Not to mention the beautiful, brandable, client-friendly design, which is also not included in the “ugly wall of text” style agreements that you’ll get from a typical business law firm.

      For most Podcasters, the alternatives to paying a month’s salary for a custom legal package are either:

      a) not having a contract at all (best of luck with that);

      b) “borrowing” a form from a colleague without knowing where it came from, or downloading something that “looks legal enough” from the internet (only to find out after SHTF that it was actually filled with clauses that throw you under the bus and ensure that you lose every argument and pay out the maximum amount possible); or

      c) hiring your friendly neighborhood general business attorney who’s a great guy, but has no idea what Podcasters do besides talk to each other, or the very specific intellectual property issues that need to be addressed in the document.

      The Podcasters’ Ultimate Contract Bundle was created to serve as an additional option for Podcasters to have as much protection as possible until the budget permits hiring an experienced law firm for a fully custom legal package.


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      I created Renegade Legal to support entrepreneurs with contracts, policies and effective implementation systems designed with the goal of preventing lawsuits, scope creep, payment disputes and other issues caused by mismanaged expectations and the lack of bulletproof documentation.

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