Marketing + SMMA Client Agreement



For most service-based businesses, including Social Media, Sales and Marketing Professionals / Agencies, a solid Client Agreement serves as the backbone and foundation of all client relationships – and as such, is often THE most important document of the business.

Your Client Agreement supports and protects both parties by ensuring that everyone is on the same page as to all aspects of the relationship, and that you have the ability to resolve any disagreements that may arise without destroying the relationship, or worse, ending up in an expensive legal battle. Key provisions include:

  • well-defined scope, i.e. what you will (and will not) do for your client;
  • client obligations + responsibilities (hint: it’s more than just paying you money – you need cooperation, documents and info required to do your job, access to accounts, and more)
  • CYA clauses limiting and allocating specific risks + liabilities in a way that works for your business
  • detailed payment terms on how and when you get paid
  • how you handle requests for refunds & cancellations
  • terms relating to delivery of work product, client approval & revision requests
  • bulletproof intellectual property provisions leaving no ambiguity around how your IP can and cannot be used.