Testimonial Release Template



We all know the value of testimonials, endorsements, reviews and other social proof in marketing. What isn’t common knowledge is that using testimonials on landing pages, ads and social media can create legal conflicts and liabilities, if not done correctly. This is why established agencies always use Testimonial Release Agreements to secure explicit permission from the individual to use their review in any manner, any platform and any geographical location.

Key provisions include authorizations to use the released media in any form; waiver of any rights to inspect or approve where and how the testimonial is used; release of the reviewer’s right to bring any claim against you for using their testimonial in the future; and other important clauses that can save you hundreds of hours of legal trouble in the future.

Incorporating this form into your SOPs for obtaining and using testimonials will help protect your (and your clients’) business while demonstrating professionalism and care with your clients.