Virtual Assistant Agreement



Virtual assistants are often the first hire of an online business. This VA Agreement is designed to facilitate a productive and conflict-free business relationship by ensuring that expectations are properly set, scope and payment terms are clearly defined, and both parties are protected.

Key provisions include:

  • Scope of Services: A clear listing of the specific services the VA will provide, ensuring clarity on tasks, expected availability, and other essential job aspects.
  • Payment Terms: Breaks down the VA’s compensation, including rates (hourly or project-based), invoicing frequency, payment due dates and more.
  • Confidentiality: This section ensures that sensitive business information accessed by the VA is kept in the strictest confidence.
  • IP/Work Product Ownership: Clarifies who owns the rights to deliverables produced during the VA’s tenure.
  • Termination: Outlines the terms under which either party can end the contract, and any associated notice periods, conditions, and duties upon termination.

This Agreement is an indispensable resource for any business collaborating with a VA.